How to Apply for Grants

Creating or growing your own venture can be a scary task — a task that often requires funding. It’s common when looking for funding to turn to banks and investors, but what if there was another option? An option that has no fees, interest, equity required, or credit requirements.
Grants are sums of money given to further help the goals of small businesses or individuals. Millions in grants are given annually in the United States; they can be awarded by government entities or private businesses. Grants do not need to be repaid, which means you can spend all of your time and energy focusing on your venture.
The grant application process can range from simple to rigorous, but at Grab Grants, our goal is to help make it easy for you.
So, how do you apply for these grants? We have made a guide below to help you throughout the application process and to give you tips on how to better your chances of being awarded grants.

  1. Search on Grab Grants to find grants that you qualify for.
  2. Click the Apply for Grant button for all of the grants that you’re interested in.
  3. Gather all possible information about their application requirements on their websites.
  4. Don't leave anything blank. If you do this, your application may not be considered.
  5. Submit your grant application!

For Small Business Grants…

Gather Important Information

If you’re applying for a small business grant, there will be common things grant applications often require. You will be asked to deliver basic information about your business, such as the name, address, phone number, the EIN, etc...

Perfect Your Business Plan

Regardless of whatever type of funding you’re seeking, it’s extremely important to have a solid business plan. A business plan is often required when applying for grants, and it is almost always required when applying for federal grants.
When creating your business plan, it should have a complete overview of your product or service, the financial requirements, and other things you feel are important to share.
If you already have a business plan and are looking to apply for grants that will help you grow your company, make sure your plan is current and geared towards the grants you are applying to and their requirements.

For Artist Grants...

Gather Important Information

If you’re applying for an artist grant, there will be common things grant applications often require. You will be asked to deliver basic information about you and your work, such as your CV, images of your work, artist statements, etc…
What an artist grant requires is typically dependent on the individual grant application. Some grants are entirely based on merit or financial need alone, and some are based solely on your work. It’s important to read the requirements of every grant that you apply for, so nothing is left out of your application.

To Conclude…

Small business and artist grants can provide you with the freedom to achieve many things. At Grab Grants, we have simplified the process of searching and applying for grants. Click the button below to start browsing and applying for grants now.