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Cincinnati Business Grant for Underrepresented Founders

$5000 - $10000

The Cincinnati Chamber Foundation, thanks to a generous grant from the Johnson Foundation, will launch a $100,000 grant program to support women-, minority-, or LGBTQ-owned small businesses that are opening in downtown, Over-the-Rhine, and Pendleton. The program will support the revitalization of currently vacant retail storefronts in the center-city, the creation of new jobs, and the growth of minority- or women-owned businesses.

The Cincinnati Chamber and the Johnson Foundation will have a selection committee that reviews all applications to determine application eligibility and size of grant. Grants in the amount of $5,000 and $10,000 will be available based on size and scope of the new business. Targeted businesses are retail, restaurant, and customer-facing industries that add to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods. Grants are available to new women-, minority-, or LGBTQ-owned businesses that open within 90 days of receiving the grant award and are not currently open. Businesses must be located in the neighborhoods of the Central Business District, Over-the-Rhine, or Pendleton.

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