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Amazon Web Services Pathfinder Generative AI Award

$200000 - $200000

The Pathfinder Generative AI award will provide support for a highly innovative, mission-critical project that leverages generative AI. This project will have the potential to produce a scaled, repeatable solution that directly accelerates mission achievement and may impact an entire industry or field. Projects in the Pathfinder category may include service types mentioned in the Go Further, Faster and Momentum to Modernize awards, but must include the use of generative AI as a required additional workload. Pathfinder projects must be building on existing data strategy and foundation, and the generative AI use case is already defined with implementation in the planning phase (or later). The Pathfinder - Generative AI award includes unrestricted cash funding, AWS Promotional Credit, AWS marketing support, and implementation support from the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. Award package includes: Up to $200,000 USD of unrestricted financial support Up to $100,000 USD in AWS Promotional Credit. Project implementation support from the AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. Access to AWS training and support An opportunity for AWS marketing promotion. The 2024 application cycle will open on March 20, at which time Round One application instructions will be available for download. The Round One application portal will open on May 3, which you can access through the IMAGINE Grant main page.

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